03 Març de 2014

FOODEX JAPAN: Anxoves de l’Escala S.A. to present its products at Foodex 2014

Anxoves de l’Escala S.A. is to attend Foodex Japan for the first time this year, at which it will exhibit its products in order to introduce themto the Japanese market. We are based in L’Escala, a town located on the Mediterranean coast 140 kilometres from Barcelona. It has been devoted to the careful selection of the best anchovies since 1940.

Once selected, they are salted by hand and preserved until they reach their ideal state of maturity. Anchovies are an exquisite tasting, extremely healthy oily fish, which Anxoves de l’Escala S.A. obtains following an exhaustive selection process of the best Spanish fresh fish.

Unlike other brands, Anxoves de l’Escala S.A. uses age-old techniques to fish and salt its anchovies. They are prepared by hand from start to finish, just as they were 70 years ago. In addition, the anchovies are packed in olive oil extracted from the best Spanish olives. Extremely healthy and very beneficial for the organism, it is worth remembering that olive oil and oily fish form part and parcel of the Mediterranean diet.

Furthermore, the fresh fish selected for preparing the anchovy filets have passed rigorous European food safety controls, which means that the quality of the product is of undisputed quality. Consumers will be quick to pick up on the firm, fleshy texture and exquisite taste of the anchovy fillets.

Amongst the latest products that we will showcase at Foodex Japan, the salted anchovy fillets and the anchovy fillets in organic extra virgin olive oil should be highlighted.

The high quality of the products made by Anxoves de l’Escala S.A. have made us leaders in its market. A veritable jewel on the Mediterranean table.


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